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Who we are

Leveraging the vast scientific know-how, intellectual property and the immense AI driven computational power of Evogene Ltd. (NASDAQ, TSE: EVGN), a global powerhouse in computational biology and plant innovation, Canonic uses predictive biology to breed genetically stable varieties for better therapeutic effects and higher yield. In Israel’s largest Cannabis R&D facility with state of the art greenhouses and molecular labs, Canonic focuses on developing Cannabis varieties that address three key industry pains: genetic stability, compound yield, and active compounds. Canonic caters to clients worldwide, bringing the gold standard in non-GMO, indication-specific Cannabis products.

Product Families Under Development


Stable enhancement of total plant compounds
focus on agronomic and consumer traits

Increased active compounds

(e.g. Increased trichomes prevalence)

Optimize consumer traits

(e.g. inflorescence size, density, scent)


Stable enhancement of specific active compounds
focus on therapeutic traits

Medical indication focus

(e.g. Pain & Inflammation)

Compound profile focus

(e.g. CBG, CBC)

G-mmunity Changing medical cannabis. Together.

G-mmunity is Canonic patients community listing >1000 patients. Members of the G-mmunity community are an important part of Canonic’s unique product development process, by providing constant feedback on patients’ experience using various products. The various reviews help us to more accurately develop varieties with desired traits and improve our products through advanced breeding methods.

G-mmunity members get access to information about the world of cannabis science, access to the pilots we conduct and acquaintance with new varieties before everyone else.

Want to join our community? If you are a patient with a valid medical cannabis license, and are interested in experiencing our products first, we are waiting for you. Registration is free. Thus, hand in hand with you, we will improve cannabis therapeutics.

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