Receiving constant feedback on the therapeutic experience from members of the G-mmunity patient community

Allows you to accurately identify more varieties with desired traits

Improving products through advanced breeding technologies

Feedback process

G-mmunity is Canonic patients community listing >1000 patients. Members of the G-mmunity community are an important part of Canonic’s unique product development process, by providing constant feedback on experience using various products. The various reviews help us to more accurately develop varieties with desired traits and improve our products through advanced breeding methods.

G-mmunity members get access to information about the world of cannabis science, access to the pilots we conduct and acquaintance with new varieties before everyone else.

We have already conducted a pre-launch pilot for two of our products, G150 and G200, and have received feedback from our community of ambassadors which is helping us with improvements.

We are looking for patients who:

Hold a valid medical cannabis license
Want to make an impact and dream of more accurate medical cannabis varieties
Committed and willing to be partners in the journey

Want to join our community? If you are a patient, hold a valid medical cannabis license, and are interested in experiencing our products first, we are looking for you. Hand in hand with you, we will make an impact.

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