Arsenal of Computational Tools and AI
Applications Applied to Cannabis

Canonic exclusively leverages a GeneRator AI developed by Evogene. The GeneRator AI was designed for was designed for in-silico prediction and prioritization of genes, microbes and small molecules based on multiple attributes. Successfully applied to various crops such as tomatoes, corn, soybean and wheat, GeneRator AI gives Canonic the cutting edge tools in the development of next generation medical Cannabis products.


Using AI to Identify Genetic Elements That Are Linked With Desired Traits

The combined power of computational capabilities with vast existing and tailored data helps Canonic identify genetic markers and associate them with specific traits of interest. The markers are then used in advanced breeding methods to develop Canonic’s proprietary varieties.

Applying Cutting-Edge
Computational Power


Protein Structure

Phenotypic Analysis

Expression Analysis

Genetic Networks

Genetic Associations


Gene Annotation


Identify genetic elements for
Cannabis traits of interest
Design advaced breeding
schemes and genetic markers