Leveraging Big Data Capabilities and
Generating Proprietary Databases

An immense amount of data from the world of plant biology is organized to gain insight. By understanding gene function and relevance for plant traits, new varieties can be bred for higher efficacy and treatment of specific medical conditions.

Over 10 Billion Data Points Help Us to Decode Cannabis

Plant data from dozens of carefully selected Cannabis lines is added to Evogene’s existing information network incorporating data from many years of research.

10+ billion data points

10+ Omic data types

14+ million plant genes

200+ plant species

1500+ Cannabis lines

Using a multi-layered interconnected data hub to generate insights for product development

Data from clinical research is added to existing Evogene data and newly collected Cannabis plant data. The aggregated data is organized into functional categories before being allocated to interconnected information hubs for computational analysis – bringing vital insight on sets of genetic elements and their associated traits and benefits.

Multilayer Hubs

  • Genome
  • Transcriptome
  • Chemotype
  • Phenotypes
  • Clinical data