T20/C4 Indica

Batch: FCOM1022482

Dominate Cannabinoids:

THC 24%
CBGA 0.4%

Combo is an Indica-dominant strain, developed as part of Canonic’s premium variety program and it contains a pointed inflorescence structure, with abundant flowers at a high concentration of trichomes that produce an extraordinary glaze. As part of our unique cultivation program, we measure hundreds of different traits of each variety to comprehensively profile the fragrances and aromas, until reaching a high-level, precise and unique combination.

Genetic uniqueness:

For the first time in Israel, Canonic has conducted  genomic mapping of publicly available cannabis genomes, collected worldwide, and compared the new varieties to the worldwide genetics. This information has been shared with patients and displayed as comparative genetic similarity. The genomic analysis we performed for Combo indicates genetic similarity to the famous ‘Critacal Kush’ strain.

Unlike unknown varieties released around the world, Canonic’s varieties are developed by a leading scientific and technological team of the best geneticists. Our vast knowledge and state of the art development facilities provide patients with quality, precision, and genetic similarity to the original varieties.


Dominate terpenes
b-Myrcene 43%

B-Myrcene is found in lemon grass, bay leaves, ylangylang, wild thyme, parsley, cardamom and basil, among others. Research in the field indicates its ability to protect the brain, heart and skin tissues from inflammation and oxidative damage. In addition, it supports pain relief.

b-Caryophyllene 20%

B-Caryophyllene is found in a large number of plants such as cloves, rosemary, black pepper and lavender. Scientific literature indicates that b-Caryophyllene aids in the protection of various cells in the nervous system, increasing appetite and ability to manage pain during withdrawal from addictions, such as alcoholism. It also has the potential to treat inflammation, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

a-Humulene 18%

It can be found in volatile compounds of many herbs. Scientific literature provides evidence that it inhibits lung cancer of non-small cells.

D/L-Limonene 5%

Common in lemon peel and other citrus fruits as well as in karum seeds, celery, and in certain types of coriander. Research shows that it contributes to wound healing and metabolism in the body. It has the ability to reduce stress, depression, inflammation, convulsions and viral infections. In addition, it introduces a variety of anti-cancer mechanisms.

Linalool 3%

Linalool is found in lavender, rose and basil. There is evidence that it has anti-cancer and antioxidant properties and contributes to the reduction of seizures and pain. It can help fight the effects of inflammation and oxidation, protect nerve and liver cells, and expel infections. Linalool is found to have a calming and antidepressant effect.

Bisabolol 3%
Guaiol 3%
Others 5%
Taste and Aroma


* This information herein does not constitute a binding opinion and should not be relied upon except as a general review, which is not a substitute for a professional medical opinion. CANONIC cannot guarantee and is not responsible that the effects described, or similar effects, will be felt by patients. The information should not be construed as advertisement and / or recommendation and / or encouragement for the use of cannabis, which is a prohibited use by law, other than for medical purposes. The use of medical cannabis is subject to the recommendation of a specialist doctor and in accordance with a suitable license from the Ministry of Health according to law.


Together with you:

You can help us develop better products! Canonic invites you to share with us experiences from the treatment. Combined with our extensive genetic databases, your feedback can help create strains that are better suited to patients’ needs. Join us and together we will improve the therapeutic experience.

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